Southern comfort

Every other night, usually at the dinner table, my other half quizzes me about what I was doing, eating, or where I was, one year ago. Since we were in Italy at that time, it's an easy game. The food is generally the key to the answer.

With the multitude of eggplant (less the few the racoons have sampled) that are ripening in our garden, we are recreating the simmered summery vegetable dishes we enjoyed in Calabria last August. Stewed in ripe tomatoes, fresh herbs and earthy, crispy fried peppers, eggplant truly shine in this dish. We skip the olives (preferring to eat them on the side before and after the meal) and add a few dried chiles to the fry pan (before the garlic) cooking them until they are fragrant and crisp. We also add a zucchini or two depending on what is garden ready.

Eaten under the vines at 'room temperature' with crusty bread and the local ciro..

Southern comfort perfected.


Anonymous said…
Please post your Bocconotti recipe with quantites and instructions. Yours is the only one I could find that sounds like the ones my mother-in-law used to make. She passed away 25 yrs ago and I have been looking for a recipe since. Would love to give my children the chance to taste them. Your help would be appreciated. Thank-you
It looks and sounds delicious. Thank you for posting the ingredients and recipe. This is definitely something I will try over the weekend for my better half!

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