Its getting warmer here in Southern Ontario and even though warmer hasn't coincided with sunshine (so far!), we've been grilling. I love grilled antipasti during the warm days of summer or the mild rainy days of spring..

And few cheeses lend themselves to the grill as well as Halloumi.

Also a kid-friendly cheese, New Zealand's Zany Zeus makes a great one. It isn't in any "NZ style" and likewise those available here in Toronto, Canada and the via e-order in the USA. There isn't any point in adapting this cheese from its Cypriot roots. The whole point is that it doesn't disintegrate when exposed to a grill or high heat.

While flavour can vary somewhat, alter this exceptional melt and you no longer have Halloumi.

Keep the marinade simple - good olive oil, garlic, a little acid (any of red wine, white wine or sherry vinegars or lemon juice - which I favour), well-stored dried oregano and fresh parsley, basil (and maybe a few sun-dried tomatoes) are all you need to make this cheese bbq ready.  Delicious paired with asparagus or eggplant slices grilled after a dose of the same marinade, halloumi makes unique mini "sandwiches" and partners well alongside any other grilled veg, compatible protein and even watermelon!



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