It's not all just wine and cheese

When people think about Eataly and probably Italy, in general, they don't necessarily think about beer. Unlike England, Belgium, Czech Republic and Germany, the peninsula isn't exactly on the map for the average beer traveler. That, however, may be up for debate as the young people of Italy begin to favour the grain instead of the grape.

A visit to the belly of Torino's Eataly might even convince you further if artisanal beer is your thing. Sure it shares the basement with a massive wine cellar and the ripening rooms for ham and cheese royalty, but it is holding it's own and even has a small ristorantino where you can not only sample but enjoy beers paired with selected food pairings.

Eataly itself wasn't full to the rafters but it was steadily busy. Of all the ristorantinos, the beer hall was the busiest.

We sampled several. With pizza, perfetto!


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