Buon Anno 2011

Thinking back on the past year, as we all do after every 365 days or so.. it has seemingly been, on the surface, quite uneventful. However, it has passed by with alarming speed and, when I really think about it, a lot has happened. We've been parents here for over a year now, exciting how much the wee sponge has absorbed in 15 months. Cooking, the adventurous kind, is happening more frequently nowadays, moving from its back burner position to the forefront a little more often. With the arrival of small teeth, introducing foods we eat means that mealtime is also becoming exploration time. And oh yes, we took a two month trip to Italy with an infant. No need to elaborate there.

We made a big deal out of saying Twenty Ten.. but does anything sound more futuristic than Twenty Eleven? I suppose Twenty Twelve.. but that, regardless of however quickly the time seems to be passing by in my world, is still one whole year away.

So Dear reader, best to you and yours for the New Year ahead.


Nigel Olsen said…
Mary! A belated happy new year to you three :)
Mary said…
Thank you Nigel and same to you and yours! Loving your pickled post of late and look forward to more. With small feet moving faster everyday, I read and run.
Take care!

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