A lovely light drinking gem from our side trip into Soave. Anywhere that proclaims to be the città del vino (city of wine) deserves, at the very least, a pause.

We stayed for two days.

Interestingly enough (at least to me), the winery, Cantina Sociale di Monteforte has, as many wineries in Italy do, a Kiwi connection. Matt Thompson of NZ Delta Vineyards (and Kiwi-Oeno Ltd.), although he wasn't around on the day, also fashions wine at Monteforte. And while rugby is a popular sport in the Veneto, it also likely explains the All Blacks emblems on the trucks parked in the receiving bay..

We took a mixed case back to St. Marcel, Aosta and enjoyed this bottle at Zia's house from the second storey balcony of her stone villa (circa 1664). As the mountains disappeared into the night and the twinkling lights of small communities and castles emerged from the darkness on this hazy, humid evening, I decided that the constant sound of running mountain water makes one very thirsty.



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