La tavola Calabrese

It's that time of year.. and there's always something interesting on the Calabrese Christmas table.

From the numerous biscotti and amaretti that typically accompany most special occasions to the simplest of fresh and dried delights, the table, surrounded by friends and family, is never bare. For this and all our blessings, we are eternally thankful.

Hope you are spending this festive season in a similar fashion with your loved ones.

Buon Natale!


Barbara said…
Hope you had a nice celebration Mary. Happy New Year.
Mary said…
Hi Barbara,
We had a few quiets with a couple of friends, watched a little hockey and went tobogganing. We'd talked about going out but I was content to watch the snow fall out our dining room window rather than face it in heels and a little black dress.
Best to you and yours for 2009.

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