The Takeover tomatillo

It's been COLD.  For someone who has spent the past 5 Christmas seasons in warmer climes, this -10C business (nevermind -20C!) is for the birds. At least they can fly south.

Speaking of the south, we're certainly in the spirit.  My lovely Mexican neighbour has been home visiting family for the past month and has brought me back some special tequila.  That means it's time to get out the space heater and warm up the lounge to abnormal levels. We'll make a few Mexican favourites and for the perfect condiment, I've got just the thing in the cellar.

Roasted tomatillo salsa.

A few years ago, I planted some tomatillo seeds.  That year, I had tomatillos here and there throughout the garden (courtesy of some 'helpful' squirrels methinks).. and this year past, there were tomatillos for the world!  The takeover tomatillo, given the right conditions, will do just that- take over the garden much to my suocero's distain.  He apreciates my efforts in the garden, but, according to his way of thinking, if it doesn't turn red there must be something wrong with it.

Nothing wrong with this salsa courtesy of Rick Bayless.

Slathered on chicken tucked into warm corn tortillas and amazing with pork and bean stuffed panuchos.. it's savoury, tangy and can be made from mild to wild depending on preference.  Not wanting to undermine the zesty contribution it adds to these dishes, I don't go too crazy and only add the required fresh serranos for flavourful heat.  It's a spectacular fresh salsa but with a few alterations, can be canned as well.

It has turned into our Saturday family barbeque favourite.  So if you are enjoying a Southern hemisphere summer, fire up the barbecue, make a pitcherful of margaritas and give it a go!  But if you, like us, find yourself in the chilly North this January, simply up the heat a bit with a small chile and add it to fried eggs in tortilla or go all out with a full Mexican menu.  It's restorative stuff.



So Simple said…
Hi funny
you should mention Rick Bayless
He has a show on FoodTV. I wasn't sure about him as a presenter but I did get an excellent Pumpkin Seed tomato dip of one programme. which I must try this weekend.
I am making flour tortillas today. my daughter has made beans so I couldn't be bothered to go to the shop so I gave it a go. They look OK. Will be blogging them later.
It is still lovely weather here and we are off for another week on the boat in a couple of days. A lovely long hot summer.

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