Pasta fresca

These wee ravioli are a simple taste treat. Dressed only with a diced yellow tomato, a drizzle of good olive oil (the best is an oil with slightly buttery characteristics), a scatter of tender baby basil leaves and the barest sprinkle of parmigiano reggiano, they make a nice light first course.

Everything tastes best when it is still garden warm but if that's not a possibility, start with room temperature tomatoes, premixing them with the oil, basil and seasoning and then the hot ravioli. The cheese is the final touch.

Buon appetito!


Deb said…
Yum, that looks divine Mary. Was it home-made ravioli or store bought? I have just finished tea, but that photo is making my mouth water all over again!!
Barbara said…
That looks so light and delicious.
Mary said…
Hi Deb,
Thank you and yes, they were home-made. I justify the gadgets that make the process easier since we have pasta so often.

Hi Barbara,
Thank you. These were surprisingly light. At home, it's easier to roll thinner pasta for more delicate ravioli.

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