Well, it has been a quiet one. A lovely dinner and a beautiful Barolo.. No nudity or pretty dancing feet (damn!), but some resolutions nonetheless.

Here's to all the resolutions out there, food and otherwise, and may all your dreams for 2008 come true. If it helps, I've been eating enough grapes for everyone..

Best of the Season to All.



Nigel said…
Ha ha ha! Here's to a brilliant new year, Mary (there's an email on the way to you, too).
Nigel said…
Forgot to mention - what a magnificent piece of coastline!
Mary said…
Hi Nigel,
I can't think of anywhere along the NZ coast that isn't amazing in it's own right?? Black sands of Taranaki, volcanic springs under the sands up North, the Moeraki boulders, the West coast, sitting on Stewart Island looking back at the mainland.. *sigh* the list is endless.
Can't wait to hear all the news!
Barbara said…
I love this photo Mary.
Mary said…
Thanks Barbara, a favourite of mine as well. I think you might've walked there on your South Island travels, no?

I'll be there again in a few short weeks.. so here's to hoping some of this glorious autumn weather will carry over into winter. More time to spend in jandals!

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