The lovely bones.

Fergus Henderson. If you were lucky enough to have caught him in Australia at Victoria's Taste of Slow a year ago, you 'd likely have your own opinion but you'd have to agree with me on this (if nothing else): His manner of speaking is a joy to listen to and, in spite of that, he still manages to come across plain as plain and delightfully so. He does what he knows best and hasn't changed in the face of all the name calling, occasional worship and being a bit of an object of American obsession.

In an interview conducted a few years back, his professional situation would have put any chef in a similar position over the moon. Still, with a successful restaurant, a highly acclaimed book being re-released, a new restaurant and another book in the works, Fergus Henderson was staring down something that could not be sweetened by any amount of success.

Parkinson's Disease.

With all the competitiveness portrayed in the media of the underbelly of the culinary world.. Mr. Henderson's next meeting with the Guardian journalist was a more pleasant read with the news that he is well, he's back in the kitchen and his book, Nose to Tail Eating, is still enjoying unwavering popularity.

I do rather enjoy this book. A good relationship with a decent butcher has become a bit of a casuality from all my shifting about in the past few years but I'm fortunate: a few mates have put me in contact with a local who raises pigs. If you are lucky to have access to good butcher (lucky you!), and can acquire some tails.. do check here. Yum.

This winter chill means one thing: it is salami season.

And anything else you can put in a casing.. another classic : boudin noir. Black pudding.

We made a classic recipe with brandy and oats. Stuffed some natural casings and gently steamed to avoid burst puddings and voila!

Perfect for a fry up with eggs and toast for breakfast.


Barbara said…
Looking good Mary.Did you make those here or there? Forgotten items are in the post. Food show tomorrow and I'm going because Tetsuya will be there.Be still my beating heart.
Mary said…
These are black puds Dunedin Style. Have a great time at the Food Show.. Tetsuya should be great, hope there is a post to follow. Thanks Barbara.
Nigel said…
A good butcher is an absolute must! And as for black pudding - perfect Sunday morning fry up fare! Top one, Mary.
Mary said…
Thanks Nigel. Hopefully you are enjoying your weekend breakfasts a little later than during the harvest.

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