Winter warmer..

I'll be the first to admit that this photo doesn't LOOK warm at all. And it isn't. Winter is definitely here in the South Island of New Zealand and while it has taken a turn toward cooler temperatures, it is still nice enough to partake of outdoor activities and work up an appetite for comfort food.

Comfort food and its cooking is something I look forward to just as much as any summer barbeque.

Stews, soups, casseroles, plenty of baking and pasta! Some of my favourites are on the menu and there is another central roadtrip in the works.. I'll let you know what I discover.


Barbara said…
That does look cold Mary. Thermals and shoes for the trip to Central then?
Mary said…
Hi Barbara,
The picture was taken at Aramoana a few days ago. It is definitely cooler than when you were here and yes, been wearing proper shoes going on a few weeks now :) even on the beach!
For Central.. I'll admit that some outside covering (in the way of thermals) might be a pre-requisite for the trip.

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