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A big thank you to Morven at Food, Art and Random Thoughts for the wonderful cheese parcel that arrived on my doorstep just before Easter.

The chilly bin contained several Talbot Forrest cheeses and crackers, some quince paste, and a jar of homemade feijoa chutney! Now it is a matter of getting to taste it all! I'll have some photos soon as I get a replacement camera cable.

And a thank you also to Emma, for organising. I am glad she liked the parcel (even after the trials of getting it to her door on time) and sadly, minus a few of the original items. I've learned a few things about sending bottles and I'll be sure to pack it better next time.


Barbara said…
Sounds like a delicious parcel Mary. I'm still waiting for mine! Looking forward to hearing all about Savour
Mary said…
Hi Barbara,
Savour was interesting. And equally so will be the tasting session for the cheese parcel.. still waiting for an organised time to have a taste!

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