Preserved Eggplant

Preserved eggplant is a funny thing. With a slightly chewy bite, the texture does not fit with the preconceived idea of what eggplant is normally like.

Hard to find commercially, this is a homemade Calabrese specialty. The salting and pressing can be a little on the time consuming side for anyone not so inclined, but I guarantee the results are worth it. A very similar recipe is posted here at Ashbury's aubergines.

Eggplant or aubergine remind me of summer.. of the prickly stems and 'struggling' to find something to do with them when they are all ready at once. I so anticipate the first little dark nubs of fruit to appear from the purple flowers .

I use an Italian variety shown here done with red capsicum, summer dried oregano and oil, alongside baby bocconcini and some toasted bread..

Lightly pickeld and kept in oil it is a perfect accompaniment to a platter of salami, prosciutto and a picante cheese or in one of my favourite lunch sandwiches of melted mozzarella, a slice of parma ham and fresh salad greens.


Emma said…
Is the baby bocconcini the tiny white things on the plate? They look lovely! Where did you get them from?
Mary said…
Hi Emma,
Yes, the wee white cheese on the plate are baby bocconcini. I first had the mini mini size in Canada last year (made by TreStelle in Montreal). Sadly, there are only a handful of producers making stretched curd cheese in NZ and I have never seen these here commercially. However, they are very easy to make at home.

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