Caffe Corretto

I have noticed that I have been turning to alcohol a lot (in posts) lately.. and this is another. Also on coffee, the caffe coretto is an Italian tradition. With biscuits after mass and after a celebration meal.. a nicely 'corrected' espresso is always on offer.

Corrected.. not to imply that there was anything wrong with it to begin with, but with the ample supply of wonderful liqueurs now imported, why not?

My Top 5. And in increasing order of the 'degree' of correction.

1) Amaretto - nut (almond) liqueur, wonderful sweetness. Also fantastic on ice.
2) Frangelico - another nut (hazelnut) liqueur, again sweet.. maybe slightly smoother than amaretto but equally as addictive.
3) Sambuca - Typically sweeter than Greek ouzo, this anisette (licorice) liqueur is pungent and a little goes a long way in coffee.
4) Brandy - now we're talking. Cognac makes a more than acceptable substitute but in strong coffee, a great value for money brandy is Vecchia Romagna.. extreme but not o'er the top.
5) Grappa - Hardcore. A good grappa has nuances of a multitude of flavours, believe it or not, from the myriad of grapes it is made from in its homeland. And no, they don't become more apparent the more you imbibe. Subtle as a Shakira video, grappa does grab you, doing the trick in but a few shots. But spend a bit of money, because the cheap stuff will love and leave you, with regrets.



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