Ahh fresh lime juice. Added to salsa, guacamole, and in a quick spicy tortilla soup that I made for our Mexican movie night dinner. We enjoyed this along with chicken flautas and of course, margaritas.

I like the classic straight up version from sauceguide.

1) Prep your vessel of choice by giving the rim a once over with a piece of lime and a light dose of salt.

2) Shake the following with ice:

2 shots tequila (I like el Jimador for mixing, straight is another matter entirely)

1 shot triple sec (or Cointreau in a pinch)

1 shot fresh squeezed lime juice


3) Strain into prepared margarita, coupette, or martini glass.

I sometimes add a bit of Rose's lime cordial and a splash of gomme syrup to sweeten it a bit for some friends, blended with fresh (strained) strawberries for a barbecue accompaniment, and my former flatmate's favourite: blended with a cup or so fresh watermelon.



Nigel said…
Hi Mary. When I lived in the US, there was a fantastic Mexican restaurant a block & a half away from our apartment. While their food was great, they were renown for their watermelon margaritas - absolutely mouth-watering. You've inspired me to try & recreate it this weekend! I love your blog - your food always looks warming and free of pretense. It's a favourite of mine.
Mary said…
Thank you Nigel. I quite like the watermelon version too. May the weather co-operate with your Margarita endevours.

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