Climbing Mt. Hector

I am "just a little bit annoyed" right now about a price increase of some of my favourite cheeses by Kapiti just in the past week.

The Mt. Hector is beautiful pyramid made with goat's milk. It is a natural rind cheese smelling slightly of damp basement and mushroom and is fantastically runny. Lovely when ripe, it gets all wrinkled and spotted with age (don't we all!) It is sort of Saint-Marcellin-ish in the shape of a Pouligny-Saint-Pierre. Sounds better in French.

There is a lot of possibility for the NZ cheese industry, but I believe it will need a good domestic consumer base to get established and survive. This cheese used to run between 5 and 6NZD and is now over 9 bucks! At these prices who is going to experiment?

I rang Kapiti but, as yet, haven't heard from their grocery channel manager. That was only Friday so it may take a few days. These things do. Hopefully it will all be some sort of terrible mistake and the price will drop. I am an eternal optimist and am going to go buy a baguette in anticipation.

I'll let you know.


Barbara said…
Goats cheese has always been horrendously expensive in NZ.
Mary said…
Heard back from a friendly Kapiti rep.. Said there was a price increase passed on to their grocery customers earlier this spring but not in the range that they thought it would justify such a hike by the supermarket. They are looking into it.

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