La tavola

La tavola means "table", in Italian.

I think it is a significant name for a significant topic.

Food and all the experiences that come with the act (and some would argue the art) of eating.

New Zealand is blessed with agricultural richness and abundance. Kiwis are fiercely proud of this but at the same time can show remarkable indifference. It is easy to take something so precious for granted. Like many similar nations, the pleasures of the table are waning in favour of convenience when enjoying a meal prepared from the fresh local ingredients is one of the simplest pleasures possible.

Simple.. a cup of coffee and a freshly baked muffin for morning tea, a nibble of cheese with an exquisitely matched local beer or wine, greenlipped mussels and a fresh tomato sauce over pasta.. pleasures.

So. With that, I've got to run. Must find something to make for tea..


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